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1. Is a series of professional, quality engineering services focused on meeting the needs of our customers. For us, providing excellent services is our top priority. For that same reason, we strive to know every one of our clients, and with the use of innovat ion and technology, we focus our efforts on providing solutions th at fit, meet and exceed each our client’s needs and expectations.  Commissioning and configuration of Switched data networks (Switch L2 - L4 in HP Networking, CISCO.  W ireless network configuration Wi - Fi (Aruba, HP and Cisco)  Installation and configuration of web tools to manage IPv4 y IPv6.  Installation and configuration of WEB based management and monitoring tools SNMP - based devices and RMON groups.  Installation and configuration of AAA Solutions (ITRADIUS).  Sizing of VLSM/ CIDR in IPv4.  Migration of networks from IPv4 to IPv6.  UTM solutions configuration for SonicWall and Fortinet.  Configu ring virtualization solutions on VMware.  I nfrastructure services in Linux: Allows you to deploy and manage structural services of an organization at the software level, namely: Communications, security productivity, logistics and management.  D istributed services (WS, XML, J SON):  Allows integration of systems with different service platforms, using public API’s.  Allows you to optimize corporate processes, reduce costs and ensure the availability of information.  Android: Mobile consumer application development, or as value add ed for a solution.  Din Dynamic web applications.  Multi - purpose development in Python.  D evelopment of applications for different environments (desktop, web, mobile, etc.) and different platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, etc.) guaranteeing minimal wear and best optimization possible.  Multi - Purpose Development in C#/ Mono: Develop MONO to cr eate excellent, multi - platform , efficient and secure apps at a low operating cost.  D atabase development and management: keeping information secure, reliable and affordab le for SQL data managers (ORACLE , Informix, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL).

2.  N O SQL I nformation M anagament: Document - oriented database (MongoDB) KV storage in Memory (Redis) or storage based on messages decisions (RabbitMQ).  Developing Custom Linux D istributions: it is often useful to deploy a single service platform over a single LINUX distribution however, the maintenance and update scheme for general distributions is often complex to handle in the long run or directly expen sive to own a one - time service license; For these reasons, having your own distribution that is optimized for the required services provides greater confidence and security in the long run. It is also an excellent way to bring complex software products to cloud computing scenarios or software embedded in certain hardware devices.  G eneral Application D evelopment: Development of specific applications with currently demanded technologies such as: C/C++, JAVA, JAVA EE, Spring, PHP, Symfony, NodeJS, AngularJS, S mallTalk, Squea k, Lua.  D evelopment of interactive entertainment oriented applications such as: Corona SDK, Microsoft XNA, Unity3D y Blender.  Development of custom Linux distributions: Construction of Linux distributions based on Debian for any compatible hardware platform. Customized distributions are particularly focused on a small number of services, thereby achieving higher levels of performance than those offered by generic solutions.  Infrastructure services on Linux : Deployment of integral computing solutions on Linux platform, with open source tools and services. It meets all the logical infrastructure needs of an entity, allowing easy integration with external resources.  Mobile application development : Construction of general purpose applications for mobile operating systems ( A ndroid, iOS ), focused on resource optimization and fragmentation reduction.  Web D evelopment : Creation of web applications under high quality standards, which take full advantage of the emerging technologies of the modern web, offering a satisfactory and consistent user experience at all times.  Software D evelopment : Construction of applications and services for all kinds of environments, focused on performance, stability and secu rity.  Deployment of Docker / Kubernetes E nvironments : Construction or Migration of applications and services to the Docker container scheme, with support for the K ubernetes orchestrator. It offers maximum performance and flexibility for the deployment of soft ware solutions, with the minimum consumption of computing resources.  Data engineering : Construction, management and operation of data banks, whether they are of a classical scheme (SQL), or oriented to documents or of a dispersed nature. Information is th e most precious asset for any entity, so keeping it always safe and accessible is a vital priority.

3.  Deep knowledge and experience of the ORACLE database engine:  I nstallation, configuration, tuning in contingent scenarios, design, application, maintenance and testing of contingent scenarios and business continuity plans, with Oracle's own tools such as RMAN, Data Guard, RAC and third - party tools such as the replication of ORACLE ShareP lex .  G reat strength in refining processes through ORACLE enterprise manager and / or directly with the dynamic views of the engine since we have experience in development in PL/SQL , thus being able to detect processes with high consumption of time, resources or that generate blockages .  Design of backup and recovery strategies according to the environment that is in production, from version 9 to 12, manual and / or automatic copies.  A ll this experience has been acquired tested and demonstrated in real production environments and on critical applications. ORACLE DB SERVICES : SERVIC E S COPE DETAIL Migra tio n B etween platforms . Migration between different operating systems or versions of the same operating system. Between different manufacturers or types of databases. Migration between ORACLE and MYSQL or vice versa and others systems. Between RDBMS versions . RDBMS v ersion update. Our experience is only until version 11. Tunning Database . Improvement in the technical performance of the database, storage, indexes, B lockages . Bu siness Process . Accelerate for slow processes and long . Backup and Recovery Manual . Backups with the Operating System tools . EXP/IMP . Import, export for high level recovery, this includes information, not functionality in the database.

4. ORACLE DB SERVICES : RMAN Backup and recovery for functional purposes, no data I nvolved . StandBy Database Database with Archivelog application manual, applies to companies that want information up to a moment specifi c in the past. Replicatio n DataGuard Good option for users with ORACLE Enterprise Edition, it is included. Allow database replication for places local or remote . SharePlex This is a Dell product, it allows database replication between platforms. RAC Real Application Cluster, allows several online nodes to process the same base of data. Security Policies Database Profiles Definition and application on access control. Access by product Control incoming connections to the database according to the product . Logs Generation Intellectual information about changes in data by tables critics. Logs Review Generate statistics, alerts and reports on changes in critical tables. Oracle audit Activate Oracle Audit to record user activity and changes (this option is only about the activity, for example, updating in the EMP table, but not very useful when you need to know about the data modified). 


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