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5. Software - Defined Networking in Wide Area Network (WAN) Rapid adoption of use for branch connectivity. It allows companies to build high - performance WANs with low - cost inter net access, replacing or reducing expensive technologies such as MPLS. Cost Reduction with lower cost internet links. Simpler configuration and management. Zero - Touch configuration without requiring IT personnel on site. Greater agility in the hand ling of data channels. Availability improvements with smart load balancing. Interconnect all branches. Use low cost INTERNET services. Replace or reduce MPLS links. Have agility to add new applications. Increase uptime with smart load balancing. Give app lications predictable performance. Make applications continuously available. Secure the network of threats. Manage unified (Single - Pane - Of - Glass). Easy and fast implementation with “Zero - Touch Deployment”. 7 8 BY SONICWALL

10. Development of custom Linux distributions: Build Debian - based Linux distributions for any compatible h ardware platform. Customized distributions focus particularly on a small number of services, thereby achieving higher levels of performance than those offered by their generic solutions. Infrastructure services on Linux: We offer d eployment of integral computing solutions on the Linux platform, with open source tools , and services. It meets all the logical infrastructure needs of an identity, allowing easy integration with external resources. Web Development : Creation of Web applications under high q uality standards, which take full advantage of the emerging technologies of the modern web, offering a satisfactory and congruent user experience at all times. Software Development : Construction of applications and services for all kinds of environments focused on performance, stability and security. Deployment of Docker / Kubernetes environments : We deploy c onstruction or Migration of applications and services to the Docker container scheme, with support for the Kubernetes orchestrator. It offers maxim um performance and flexibility for the deployment of software solutions, with the minimum consumption of computing resources. Data Engineering : Construction, management and operation of data banks, whether they are of a classical scheme (SQL), or orient ed to documents or of a dispersed nature. Information is the most precious asset for any entity, so keeping it always safe and accessible is a vital priority. Experience a world - class audio center with remote access and control of content playback, wi th a clean, friendly, practical and responsive interface, with a wide array of streaming music options and Online Radio libraries. In addition to an Autonomous or Distributed management platform within a CLOUD environment and most importantly, you can enjo y all your favorite services so you can listen to what you want, when you want and how you want. SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT 17 18

1. 01 INFRASTRUCTURE 05 CONTRO L & MANAGEMENT 02 NETWORK S 03 UTM SECURITY 04 I TRADIUS 06 IT - SERVICE S P - CARE 07 U - SOUND / it - calle 146 Nª 7 - 64 / it - Street 146 Nª 7 - 64 Bogotá D.C Colombia +57 3157868258 +57 1 - 466 0599 Bogotá D.C Colombia

2. VIRTUAL SAN There are occasions wh ere buying new equipment is not the be st option due to lack of budget , opportunity , or contingency. As a result, is has become essential to find a good provider that leas es technology equipment such as servers and s torage as ab option instead of purchasing . We are IT Corporation, a company with more than 15 years of experience with sales, leasing of Hardware and Computing , with complete solutions. We offer a wide range of products to meet the needs of our customers. HP servers: DL380 G8, G9 and G10. Stora ge: MSA 2050 SAN Storage & HPE 3PAR Storage. Hypervisors: Oracle Virtual Machine and VMware. SERVERS STORAGE H Y PERVISORS INFRASTRUCTURE Whether you are looking to maintain high business av ailability, continuity, archive, back up informatio n or consolidate and protect data, IT Corporation can offer you a storage solution to support your needs . Wide range of manufacturers servers most recognized. We can help you with complete systems configured to your needs and / or upgrades for your models existing or discontinued . HPE MSA 2050 SAN Storage HP DL380 G10 VMware Inc., (VM of Virtual Machine) is a subsidiary of EMC Corporation that provides virtualization software available for X86. This software includes VMware Workstation, and the free VMware Server and VMware Player. VMware software can work on Windows, Linux, and MacOS X (INTEL), under the name of VMware Fusion. Oracle VM Server for x86 incorporates free and open source Xen hypervisor technology, is compatible with Windows, Linux and Solaris guests and includes an integrated Web - based management console. Servers Stora ge Hypervisor

8. • Collect metrics from any device, system or application. • Detect problem states within the incoming metric flow automatically. • The native Web interface provides multiple ways to present an overview of your IT environment. Being notified in case of any problem is guaranteed. ZABBIX Zabbix is a system to monitor the capacity, performance and availability of servers, equipment, applications and databases, also offers advanced monitoring, alerting and visualization features that even some of the best commercial applications of this type do not offer. IPAM has an intuitive Web interface that allows you to easily detect IP address space problems. IPAM allows engineers to plan the growth of the network, ensure that the use of IP space meets standards and helps resolve IP address confli cts. OTHER FEATURES IPv4 / IPv6 address management. Section Management / Subnet . Automatic display of free space for subnets. IP subnet display. Automatic subnet scanning / IP status checks. POWER DNS integration. NAT support. RACK M anagement . Domain authentication (AD, LDAP, Radio). Permissions section of device types. RIPE subnet import. XLS / CVS subnet import . • Protect your data at all levels. • Save time using ready - to - use templates. • Automate monitoring of large and dynamic environments. • Create a distributed monitoring solution while maintaining centralized control. IP request module. API REST. Locations module VLAN s management. VRF management. IPv4 / IPv6 calculator. IP database search. Email notificatio ns. Support of custom fields . Translations . Records Changes . • Integrate Z abbix with any part of your IT environment . 13 14 SNMP Manager SNMP SNMP ZABBIX IPV4 / V6 MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL TOOLS

11. • It includes support for Internet radio stations, local content playlists and streaming audio providers such as: Spotify, YouTube, SoundClo ud and Pandora. • Control it through it s touch screen (7 "Touchscreen) from any Tablet, Smartphone , iPhone, iPad, PC or via the web. • Program your music according to your streaming music provider, Online Radios or your own local playlist, according to y our schedules and preferences. • Virtually accessible at any time, place and device. • Ability to extend the system with additional applications for both home and corporate solutions. • Multiplatform audio streaming. • Automatic synchronization of cont ents and configurations based on user profiles, within a CLOUD environment. • CLOUD platform, which translates and seamlessly integrates a uniform set of commands and information to facilitate provisioning, automation, configuration, management, p ersonali zation , and access of each of your U - Sound devices in a unified and independent way. • Network Connectivity: RJ - 45 10/100 / 1000Mbps port via USB 3.0 hub, dual band Wi - Fi .802.11ac, Bluetooth 5.0 BLE. • Video outputs: RCA connector (PAL and NTSC), microH DMI rev. 2.0. • Audio outputs: 3.5 mm jack, 2 microHDMI ports, 2 x RCA (Left & Right). • Other audio distribution methods: Wi - Fi, Rj45, Bluetooth Pi - to - Pi streaming. • Storage: MicroSD. • Support Wi - Fi Access Point (AP) Mode. • Compatible with SONOS Speakers Products. P - CARE We all know the responsibilities that come with maintaining our pool s , as well as the time and money that we have to invest to have it in optimal conditions, without counting the imminent danger that exists due to drowning by any of our family members or even our pet, so , IT Corporation was given the task of developing an intelligent device with multiple chemical measurement functions, In addition to the vital property of detecting income or accidental dives . With P - Care you can measure the quality of your water and ensure your peace of mind. Its advanced technology has Multisensors capable of detecting: The movement : This delicate sensor was designed to interpret unauthorized or accidental dives inside your pool capable of generating an instant alert to your mobile phone, you can always be alert to any emergency. The amount of existing chlorine : P - Care has a sensor that detects the amount of chlorine in the water and compares these levels with a measurement table to obtain a conclusive measurement . The incidence of UV radiation : P - Care also includes a sensor that measures the sun's rays that is well known to be harmful to the health of our skin, so P - Care will be constantly measuring these values by throwing alerts when they exceed tolerable levels and thus take measures to avoid from burns to irreversible damage. The pH - sensor: Controls that the water in our pool has correct pH values in essential to take care of the health (redness of the eyes, skin irritation, among o thers) of the people who use it, as well as formation of Algae and corrosion in pool elements. 19 20

3. The HP FlexNetwork architecture provides consistent, standards - based networking that is open to business networks in the data center, campus and branches. HP network switches offer greater performance, scalability and a wide range of functions for perimeter connectivity that greatly reduces network complexity and cos t of ownership. NETWORKING INTERNET The RADWIN 5000 HPMP base station supports up to 250 Mbps per sector, delivering high capacit y in a single radio unit. Together with high capacity subscriber units (HSU), RADWIN 5000 HPMP allows a service capacity of up to 100 Mbps per subscriber. P oint to Point The RADWIN 2000 series offers between 25Mbps and 750 Mbps in a wide range of sub - licensed and unlicensed bands below 6GHz, while supporting distances of up to 120km / 75 miles. RADWIN 2000 supports advanced network schemas. Wireless Indoor Solutions With a maximum concurrent data rate of 1,733 Mbps in t he 5 GHz band and 800 Mbps in the 2.4 GHz band (2.5 Gbps aggregate data rate), the 320 Series Access Points deliver the 802.11ac Wi - Fi infrastructure better in next generation class for environments of the highest density. The high - performance, high - densit y 802.11ac 320 Series supports MU - MIMO (multi - user MIMO) and 4 Space Points Access Points (4SS). It provides simultaneous data transmission to multiple devices, maximizing data throughput and improving network efficiency. Wireless Outdoor Solutions Inno vative and aesthetically designed, they offer gigabit Wi - Fi performance to 802.11ac mobile devices in any weather condition. It is the only outdoor AP that allows 802.11n clients to operate three times faster over long distances. Specifically designed to s urvive in the most hostile and completely sealed outdoor environments to prevent the entry of contaminants into the air. With a maximum data rate of 1.3 Gbps in the 5 GHz band and 600 Mbps in the 2.4 GHz band, the IAP 275 supports simultaneous dual radio o peration at speeds that greatly exceed Fast Ethernet. Aruba IAP 325 Aruba IAP 275 Cisco offers a complete portfolio of switch solutions for enterprise net works, da ta centers and growing businesses. These solutions are optimized for a wide range of sectors that include service providers, financial, industrial, health, food & beverages and the public sector. RADWIN 5000 HBS

9. IPsec VPN UTM INTERNET UTM Intranet Intranet Replicator ServicesDesk (VM) 15 • Knowledge and experience in the ORACLE database engine: - Installation, configuration and adjustment in contingent scenarios. - Design, application, maintenance and testing of contingent scenarios. - Business continuity plans, with Oracle's own tools such as RMAN, Data Guard, RAC and third - party tools such as ORACLE shareplex replication. • Great strength in refining pro cesses through the ORACLE enterprise manager and / or directly with the dynamic views of the engine since we have experienc e in the development in PL / SQL , thus being able to detect processes with a high consumption of time, resources or that generate blo ckages • Design of strategies for backup and disaster recovery (DRP) according to the production environment, from version 9 to 12 (manual and / or automatic copies). • All this experience has been tested and demonstrated in real production environments and in critical applications. • Configuration and commissioning of switched data networks (Switch L2 - L4 on HPE, Aruba Networks, Dell Force 10, Cisco Meraki and others) • WI - FI wireless network configuration (Aruba Networks, HP, Cisco, others) • Insta llation and configuration of Web tools to manage IPv4 and IPv6 addressing • Installation and configuration of Web tools for the management and monitoring of devices based on SNMP and RMON groups. • Installations and configuration of AAA (ITRADIUS) and Hot spot solutions. • Sizing of VLSM / CIDR in IPv4 • Migration of IPv4 networks to IPv6 • Configuration of UTM SonicWall and Fortinet solutions • Virtualization solution s configuration in VMware and ORACLE VM. We have the technology to turn your production environment into a virtual environment, without the need to shut down your servers and / or stop the services provided. • Conversion of physical to virtual servers as a backup measure. • Configuration of data protection agents, to keep the copies updated in a differential, incremental, total way, both local and remote. • Logical and physical network graph of your current computer center. 16

4. cl i c k >> Remote Access Portal e Mail & W eb SonicWall UTM SECURITY INTERNET The latest generation SonicWall firewalls give you the security, control and visibility of the network your organization needs to Innovate and grow rapidly. SonicWall virtual hardware and firewalls integrate closely with a wide r ange of products, services and technologies to create a complete high - performance security solution that suits your needs ail File E - mail Server Server Acquire high - speed threat prevention in a flexible security solution integrated with the SonicWall SOHO and TZ350 series. Designed for small networks and distributed businesses with remote locations and branches. Advanced administration and network features, such as Secure SD - WAN and Zero - Touch Deployment , make it easy to create new sites as needed. Add optional capabilities that include PoE / PoE + support and 802.11ac Wi - Fi to create a unified security solution that protects your network and your data from the latest threats through wired and wireless con nections. Built on a multicore hardware architecture with 10 Giga E and 2.5 G iga E interfaces, the NSA Series is scaled to meet the performance demands of medium - sized networks, branches and distributed companies. The series firewalls have cloud and box - based capabilities such as decryption and TLS / SSL inspection, intelligence and application control, secure SD - WAN, real - time vi sualization and WLAN management. Son icWall Network Secu rity Serie s SOHO 250 Y TZ350 Achieve incredibly fast performa nce with speed optimized security processors. Access a deeper level of threat prevention through machine learning. Take advantage of shared threat intelligence for continually updated security. Start your firewall quickly with Zero - Touch implementation. Ma nage everything from one location with capture Security Center. SonicWall Network Security Serie s NSA Block more attacks with Real - Time Deep Memory Inspection (RTDMI) and Reassembly - Free Deep Packet Inspection (RFDPI). Prevent advanced threats with cloud and box - based threat prevention. Decipher and inspect TLS / SSL and SSH traffic in real time . Improve performance with 10 GigaE and 2.5 Giga E interfaces. Ensure redundancy with two power supplies. Take advantage of the on - board storage module. Exten d your network perimeter with the built - in wireless controller. WWW Web Spyware Blocker e Mail & Web Identity Spam SECURITY REMOTE ACCESS PRODUCTIVITY PRIVACY 5 6

6. ITRADIUS (Remote Authentication D ialing User Service) is a network protocol that provides authentication, authorization and accounting of users and centralized administration devices. It is widely used by ISPs and companies to control access to INTERNET, local services, wireless networks through Wi - Fi access points, etc. The RADIUS protocol is implemented at the application layer with a client - server architecture that could use TCP or UDP as a transport layer and communicates with a user database such as Active Directory, LDAP Service o r Linux accounting system. ITRADIUS - VM maximizes the security in the use of its applications by consolidating its characteristics with the use of multiple forms of captive portal, AAA server, advertising, and other synchronized and unified services, all in one. Integration with external applications through public API , double HTTPS protocol in JSON format. • Ability to support integrated and synchronized applications using PYTHON WHEELS . • Injection of advertising on demand through the ADDFLY system. • Customized advertising SPLASH system. • Custom WIDGET system for captive portal views. ITRADIUS Tempest . •Server AAA. • Support for physical and virtual NAS (network access server). • Possibility of deploying a captive portal / Hotspot with multiple sites. •Support for local storage in SQL databases. • Asynchronous Web Administration. • Support for the implementation of virtual network interfaces. • Connectivity capability over VPN and SSH tunnels. • Certification and certificate issuance authority o n demand. • VLAN s support. • Support of IP v4/ v6. • Ability to create distributed and customized environments by orchestrating IT Radius components as Docker containers • Open public API for integration with general purpose applications • Flexibl e environment under Docker containers • User data storage engine for mining processes. • External encryption or authentication layer: TLS, SSL, LEAP, EAP and PEAP. • Support from different identity providers: Local DB, ODBC, OAuth 0/1/2, LDAP, ADC (Microso ft Windows server version 2008 R2 to 2016). • Dictionary systems for automatic configuration of NAS (Network Access Server) HP, CISCO, ARUBA NETWORKS, others. • Statistics and system status in real time. • Automatic updates by subscription. • Custom system of groups and attributes that define the properties of a user. • Ability to synchronize multiple instances with an AAA master server. • Methods of communication with NAS (Network Access Server). External encryption or authentication layer: TLS, SSL, LEAP, EAP and PEAP. Internal encryption: MSCHAP V.2.0, MD5 and GTC. • Variations of Captive Portals / Hotspot . Standard captive portal: username and password (Local DB, ODBC, LDAP and ADC). Captive portal direct pass. Captive portal with access codes (PIN). Cap tive portal for ghost users with delegated authority. Captive portal with data capture (forms). Captive portal with external synchronization (OAuth 0/1/2: Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Captive portal with MAC recognition (RADA - RADIUS Authenticated Device Access). Captive portal with verification of the Mobile App (Requires confirmation of the installation of a specific application). • System of exclusion of domain names and IP addresses through Garden in any of the Captive Portal / Hotspot methods. • Personalization of the graphic theme (CSS) for Captive Portals / Hotspot. • HOSPITAL NETWOR KS • TOURISTIC CENTRES • OFFICESS • CLUBS • EVENTS • GYMS • MALL • TRANSPORT TERMINAL 9 10 · SWITCHS ·RADIOLINKS · WIRELESS MANAGEMENT & CONTROL TOOLS

7. CONTROL AND FOLLOW UP SEGUIMIENTO ITRADIUS ACCESS POINT It maximizes the diversity and use of applications, gathering the benefits of the multiple forms of captive portal, AAA server, advertising and other synchronized services and unifying with a CPU component i.MX & Quad Core @ platform 1 GHZ processor, SDRAM DDR # of “ 2 G B memory, flash expansion MicroSD 2GB Socket, GPS, Wireless 802.1 1 Ac 3x3x3 MIMO and 2 P ort Giga E . Maximize the diversity and use of applications, bringing together the benefits of multiple forms of captive portal, AAA server, advertising, synchronized and unified services with a powerful Intel Core i7 - 3770 processor, 16 GB of memory and 8 x 1 Gbps (RJ45) , 2 x 1 Gbps (SFP) on LAN. ITRADIUS ENTERPRISE BUSINESS Maximize the diversity and use of applications, bringing together the benefits of multiple forms of captive portal, AAA server, advertising, syn chronized and un ified services with a powerful S eventh G eneration Kaby L ake Core i7 - 7700 INTEL CPU, 32 GB of memory and 12 x 1 Gbps (RJ - 45), 2 x 10/1 Gbps (SFP +) on LAN. ITRADIUS VEHICLE This robust integrated x96 compact computer is designed for the in - vehicle comp uter industry. Equipped with a Fifth G eneration of Intel Core and "Broadwell - U" processors, the model offers sufficient computing potential for the simultaneous handling of a variety of vehicles and the use of applications, bringing togethe r the benefits of multiple forms of captive portal, AAA server , advertising services, synchronized and unified with a powerful 1Ghz Quad Core i.MX6 CPU, 2GB DDR3 SDRAM in memory, 2GB Micro SD flash expansion in Socket, GPS, 802.11 AC wireless MIMO 3x3x3 a nd 2 x 1 Gbps (RJ45) GUESTS • ADDFLY System. •Customized Advertising Splash System. •Custom Widget system for captive portal visitors. •System for excluding domain names and IP addresses through Garden in any of the captive portal / Hotspot methods. •Data mining systems. • Captive Portal with access code (PIN) and data capture (Forms). • Capti ve Portal for phantom users with delegated authority. • Captive Portal with external synchronization (OpenID: Google, Facebook, Twitter). • Captive Portal with MAC recognition (RADA RADIUS Authentificated Device Access). • Captive Portal with application v erification. • Integration with external applications through public API, on HTTPS protocol in JSON format. • Custom set of groups and attributes that define user properties . •Support from different providers of Local Identity DB, ODBC, OPENID, LDAP, ADC. ADMINISTRAT OR 11 12 MANAGEMENT TOOLS IT RADIUS RESULT Access to Corporate Infrastructure • User / Password • • Authoritary Application Identity ( Through of API) Access to Computer Resourses Internet Access


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