Cable de pila Cisco Catalyst 3850 Series STACK

Cable de pila Cisco Catalyst 3850 Series STACK

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Cisco Catalyst 3850 stacking Stacking cable type 1 of 50 cm. Stackwise-480
In the frame: STACK-T1-50CM
Cisco StackWise-480 Technology
Cisco StackWise-480 technology is based on the industry-leading StackWise® technology, which is a superior stacking architecture. StackWise-480 has a stack bandwidth of 480 Gbps. StackWise-480 uses the Cisco IOS SSO software to provide you with information about the stack. The stack behaves as a single switching unit that is managed by an "active" switch chosen by the member switches. The active switch automatically chooses a standby switch inside the stack. The active switch creates and updates all the switching / routing / wireless information and constantly synchronizes that information with the standby switch. If the active switch fails, the standby switch assumes the function of the active switch and continues to keep the battery operational. The access points are still connected during an active change to standby mode. A work stack can be a new way to interrupt the service. StackWise-480 creates a highly robust unified system with up to four switches, which provides simplified administration through a single IP address, a single Telnet session, a single CLI, automatic version checking, automatic update, automatic configuration and more. StackWise-480 also allows local change in the Cisco Catalyst 3850 Series switches.