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Make your air conditioner smart
Meet the second generation of Sensibo Sky. It has never been easier to control your air conditioner from anywhere. Maximize your comfort and save electricity.
Check it from anywhere, at any time
Control your air conditioner from anywhere.
On / Off by location
It turns on automatically before your arrival, it turns off when the last person leaves.
Save electricity
Using 7-day programming, geo-fencing and alerts to clean the filters, Sensibo saves electricity


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Control your air conditioner

Sensibo is the ultimate device to control your air conditioner and heat pump and make it smart. With Sensibo you will be able to control, monitor, automate and save energy. In one app control many devices, and share your devices with your family at home and colleagues in the office.Ships globally - works globally! Sensibo is compatible in every country, and with any voltage and power outlet - installation takes less than a minute!

Works with Split A/Cs


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Works with window A/Cs

Works with Mobile A/Cs


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 Works with Cassettes & central A/Cs that have a remote control

Climate React

With Climate React you can be in control of your comfort and energy usage. Set triggers to change the climate in your room based on temperature, humidity and comfort parameters.Use Climate React to protect your home and air conditioner system from extreme temperatures and humidity levels.

Automatically turns on and off

Using the phone location - Sensibo automatically turns on the A/C before you arrive. It also turns off the A/C when everybody leaves, and helps to save energy and enjoy a peace of mind.

Share with your family

Sensibo Sky can be shared with your family at home, and with your colleagues at work. Match each device to each A/C and let everyone enjoy the benefits of your new smart A/C.

Works with Amazon Echo & Google Home

Sensibo works with Amazon Echo & Google Home. Just one click to link Sensibo to your Amazon or Google assistant and you're set to go. Control the temperature with your voice with no need to take the phone out of your pocket.

With Sensibo you can use phrases like: 'Alexa, turn on the living room' and 'Ok Google, turn off the bedroom'.


Sensibo has an extensive open API, with many extensions and integrations created by the community for SmartThings, OpenHab, Homebridge (for HomeKit) and more.Sensibo also works with IFTTT, so it's easy to create recipes and new automations.

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