Pedestal with roller bearings

Pedestal with roller bearings

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para monitor hasta 60" V800x500 Acero pulido de
alta calidad con pintura de polvo negra, pasa cables interior


The mobile floor stand with wheels is made of steel, round and rectangular profiles, with super delicate finishes supports up to a 60-inch TV, special to transport the TV screen from one place to another without having to make more effort , special for marketing events, boardrooms, audiovisual rooms, offices etc.

This floor stand serves as a stand, pedestal and furniture for your TV and the best is completely detachable

Floor support TV Wheels in Rubber

Its four rubber wheels make it easy for the TV to move from one place to another. They are a sure to leave it fixed and secure and prevent it from moving. The material of the wheels does not scratch the floor, manufactured in Goma

Height of the floor to the TV can be graduated

The height of this TV floor stand can be adjusted up or down depending on the desired height

The industrial television or monitor can be installed horizontally and vertically

The pedestal floor support is completely practical has a system of guides that allows you to install the TV vertically and horizontally with total security, it is also compatible with industrial monitors or touch monitors

Wiring system inside the floor support.

The cables or the wiring system can be passed inside the floor support studs, the cables are not exposed to the naked eye. Floor stand accessories for tv with wheels Considered in the multiple functions the floor support includes a tray in the lower part of the TV to superimpose for example a laptop or a DVD video player equipment likewise includes a shelf on the top of the TV to place some video camera very used in videoconferences

Technical data sheet floor support for imported tv

Floor stand is compatible with any brand of led TV, oled plasma and lcd The height of the TV is vertically adjustable The wheels have anti-skid protection The measure vesa 200x200 300x300 400x400 600x400 The TV can be installed vertically and horizontally Includes lower shelf for DVD Includes top shelf of the TV to place video conference camera. 10 year warranty Black color Superfine finishes