Wall mount for Nest Cam IQ

Wall mount for Nest Cam IQ

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nstala tu cámara de seguridad interior Nest Cam IQ con este soporte de pared Wasserstein. Su fuerte base magnética proporciona una fijación segura a las superficies de acero y permite una fácil extracción y transferencia a otra área. Este versátil soporte de pared Wasserstein viene con tornillos y tacos para instalación en madera y otras superficies no metálicas.



Flexible Mounting Alternative for Nest Cam IQ

Attach your Nest Cam IQ with the world’s first Magnetic Wall Mount by Wasserstein. Its patent-pending dual mounting system lets you attach your surveillance camera to any metallic surface using the powerful magnet embedded in the base of the mount or to a wall or ceiling using screws, providing a far better viewing angle.

What's news

 ✔ VERSATILE AND Rugged camera support - The world's first magnetic wall mount for rolling Cam IQ. Designed with the lens to offer greater freedom of placement for your camera. Due to a fixed intelligence camera, which previously limited to placing the camera on countertops, limit the field of view of the camera and risk being accidental bumps.
✔ Careful design: the bracket has a mounting system dual mounting system, which allows you to mount your camera using a screw can also be hung on any metal surface, and the power is integrated into the base of the frame is clicked on the rest . Mount the rolling Cam IQ allows you to get a better panoramic view and wider viewing angles.
✔ Dual mounting option - fast and easy to install. Magnetic closing mechanism with easy snap on base to hold your camera with great stability when mounted on any thick metal surface or steel plate. This form of installation can be configured in a matter of seconds and does not require tools or drilling. Alternatively, the mounting plate on any flat surface can also be secured to the wall using the supplied screws and dowels. It gives you total freedom to fix your camera anywhere you want. Magnetic grid for rolling Camera IQ (ASIN: b073s6sv9 N, b073s7gj11) or items of our silicone skins to roll Cam (ASIN: b01mdlzc4q) to the air the last intervention simply add to the shopping cart and the use of the discount code "Advertise" at the end of the purchase.
✔ The package contains: 1 x magnetic mounting plate, 3 x screws, 3 x wall plugs, 1 x Installation manual and Wasserstein 3 months warranty. with us, and we will try to solve the problem. If we can not solve the problem to your satisfaction.


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Powerful Magnetic Base

Equipped with strong magnets, this mount will stick on to any metal surfaces and carry the weight of your Nest camera without budging or sliding. Making the mount perfect for people who like to move their Nest Cam IQ around the house.


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Wasserstein Magnetic Mount for Nest Cam IQ

Hassle-Free Mounting SolutionWe realized how limiting Nest Cam IQ’s non-detachable base is as far as mounting options are concerned. We set out to solve this problem and developed this amazing magnetic mount that connects directly to its base, immediately giving you two very convenient mounting options. Using its strong magnets to attach your camera on any metal surface or mount it with screws to walls & ceiling.

  • Clings on to metal surfaces with its strong magnetic base
  • Prevents cameras from being knocked over from countertops
  • Can be mounted with screws on non-metal surfaces.
  • Quick & easy installation
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Easiest Mounting Solution

Using the magnetic option requires no tools and allows you to install your camera in seconds. Just attach our magnetic base to the base of the camera and you’re good to go.

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Two Mounting Options

We made Our Nest Cam IQ mount with flexibility in mind. This versatile mount is also designed to take on two screws so you can mount your camera on any walls or ceilings.
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Better Viewing Angles

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