Samsung - Button - White
Operate a device remotely from a convenient spot with this Samsung smart home button. It's programmable with almost any lighting unit, household appliance or home theater component, and it supports automatic temperature adjustment when paired with a thermostat. This stick-on Samsung smart home button is easy to install onto almost any surface.
169.00 169.0 USD
ecobee - ecobee Remote Sensors (2-Pack) - White
The right temperature in the right places. These wireless room sensors work with ecobee4, ecobee3 Lite, and ecobee3 Wi-Fi smart thermostats.
142.00 142.0 USD
Samsung - Multipurpose Sensor - White
Help protect your home and family with this Samsung multipurpose sensor. Receive alerts if doors or windows are opened unexpectedly. Set lights and other connected devices to turn on and off as people come and go.
324.00 324.0 USD
Samsung - SmartThings Item Tracker - White
Secure yourself, a loved one or valuables with this smart, versatile Samsung SmartThings tracker. Its geo-fencing feature triggers smart home automations or alerts you when a pet or person who has it leaves or enters your designated zone. Double-press the button of this IP68-rated Samsung SmartThings tracker to notify authorized persons of your current location.
135.00 135.0 USD
Samsung - SmartThings Smart Outlet - White
Automate your lighting or ordinary small appliance with this Samsung smart home outlet. It enables remote operation of a plugged device through your smartphone, and it automatically turns a connected lamp on and off when you enter and leave your room. This Samsung smart home outlet notifies you when a device is left on, helping you save energy.
63.00 63.0 USD
Samsung - Water Leak Sensor - White
Keep pumps and pipes in check with this Samsung SmartThings water leak sensor. It sends notifications to your smartphone when excess water is detected, and its audible alert lets you know when there's unwanted presence of moisture. Place this Samsung SmartThings water leak sensor near your sump pump to detect pump failure.
38.00 38.0 USD
Samsung - SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit - White
Use this Samsung SmartThings home monitoring kit to keep your home safe and secure. It has two multipurpose sensors that monitor windows and doors and a motion sensor to alert you to movement in the home. This Samsung SmartThings home monitoring kit includes an outlet that lets you control electric devices from your smartphone.
360.00 360.0 USD