About us

We are a team of professionals who provide services in software development, in telecommunications and specialized in HP networking devices, Cisco Systems, Aruba Networks and internet of the things (IOT) solutions.

Who we are

 ITCorporation born as a result of the experience of a group of engineers with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of telecommunications, offering professional consulting services and advice on design and implementation of communication network infrastructures tailored to the client, seeking always solutions that allow scalability and adaptation to new technologies. Our extensive knowledge and experience allow us to offer the best quality in the design of network and storage solutions, with the security of understanding the business objectives of each of our clients. We design solutions that involve the latest technology with an excellent cost / benefit ratio.

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Offer innovative, efficient and productive solutions based on the latest technology in connectivity assets, working together with our clients and suppliers as strategic partners with common objectives and the best human team with permanent consultancies and services, projecting security, quality and trust.


We will be the main company in Latin America and the Caribbean to offer innovative, efficient and productive solutions based on cutting-edge technology in connectivity assets, working together with our clients and suppliers as strategic partners with common objectives and the best human team with advice and services permanent, projecting security, quality and trust.

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IT Services

IT-SERVICE are professional services of high quality engineering focused on satisfying the needs of our clients.

For us, offering an excellent service is a priority, for that reason, we work and strive to get to know each client and, with the use of technology and innovation, we direct our efforts in providing solutions that fit and respond to your expectations and needs

Professional services:

  • Configuration and start-up of switched data networks (Switch L2-L4 in HP Networking, CISCO, others).

  • Configuration of Wi-Fi wireless networks (Aruba Networks, HP, Cisco, others).

  • Installation and configuration of WEB tools to manage the IP address v.4 and IP v.6.

  • Installation and configuration of WEB tools for the management and monitoring of devices based on SNMP and RMON groups.

  • Installation and configuration of AAA solutions (ITRADIUS).

  • Sizing of VLSM / CIDR in IP v.4.

  • Migration of IP networks v.4 to IP v.6.

  • Configuration of UTM solutions Sonicwall and Fortinet.

  • Configuration of virtualization solution in VMware.

  • Software development:

  • Infrastructure services in Linux: It allows deploying and managing the structural services of an organization at the software level, namely: Communications, security, productivity, logistics and management.

Distributed services (WS, XML, JSON):

  • It allows to integrate systems with different service platforms, through public APIs.

  • It allows to optimize corporate processes, reduce costs and guarantee the availability of information

  • Android: Development of mobile consumer applications or as added value for a solution.

  • Dynamic web applications.

  • Multipurpose development in Python.

Development and management of databases:

  • Keep information secure, reliable and affordable for SQL data managers (Oracle, Informix, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL).

  • Management of information NO SQL: Document oriented databases (MongoDB), KV storage in memory (Redis) or storage based on messages / decisions (RabbitMQ).

Development of custom Linux distributions: In many occasions it is useful to implement a single service platform on a single LINUX distribution, however, the maintenance and updates scheme of the general distributions is usually complex to manage in the long term or directly expensive in case of have a timely service license; For these reasons, having their own distribution that is optimized for the required services provides greater confidence and long-term security. It is also an excellent way to bring complex software products to cloud computing scenarios or software embedded in specific hardware devices.

General development of applications: Development of specific applications with currently demanded technologies such as: C / C ++, JAVA, JAVA EE, Spring, PHP, Symfony, NodeJS, AngularJS, SmallTalk, Squeack, Lua.

Development of entertainment-oriented interactive applications: Development for entertainment platforms such as Corona SDK, Microsoft XNA, Unity3D and Blender.

Equipment Leasing: There are times when buying new equipment is not the best option. For reasons of budget, opportunity or contingency, having a provider that leases technology equipment such as switches, servers and storage, is a better option than buying. These are some situations in which it is advisable to rent:

  • Switch HPE Series: 5510, 5130, 5700, 5900.

  • Servidores HP: DL380 G7, G8 y G9.

  • Almacenamiento: MSA 2000 y 2040 G3

  • HPE Aruba contrller Series: 7010

  • Wireless APS: IAP-325, AP-275.